MoveStrong Outdoor Fitness Station Quintuple Steps, Slalom Obstacle, and Slackline Anchors

The MoveStrong FitGround and Obstacle Course outdoor product line just added new additions for challenging agility, balance, power, and overall athleticism. These new outdoor obstacles help round out and continually grow the Movestrong outdoor product line for building and designing the ultimate functional fitness and obstacle course specific to the training needs desired.

Quality commercial grade materials and manufactured in the USA providing a safe and durable long lasting life in all weather conditions.

The Quintuple Steps are patterned after the polar Ninja Warrior training obstacles. Bound, leap, run, or spring from one angled plyometric step to the next. Scale the exercises by jumping one at a time, double step with both feet on each step, or advance with one foot landing on each step to run through all five steps

The Slackline Anchor Post allow users to anchor Slacklining webbing tapes to each end (Slacklines or similar balance webbing tapes not included). Giving a secure and dedicated anchor position for securing slackline balance tapes.

The Slalom Agility Post are a great addition to add to any obstacle course. Gives the added challenge to agility with change of direction and lateral speed to weave your way through the obstacle.

MoveStrong designs and manufactures a complete line of outdoor fitness equipment. These new balance and agility stations help round out a complete product line offering. MoveStrong outdoor products are designed to encompass all facets of fitness for training to improve functional fitness, physical readiness and preparedness for first responsers, developing skills in youth and adults athletes, and help general population stay active and healthy while participating outdoors in exercise that improves quality of life to make the most of a healthy active lifestyle. True fitness that carries over to life’s physical demands, sports, and recreational actives we enjoy well into our adult life. Live Life. Move Strong.

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