Now Available - MoveStrong SuperBands

A staple in functional training, strength and conditioning, and mobility exercises these oversized rubber band shaped tools are great to incorporate into your workouts. Five resistance levels in the SuperBands as a set. Used by themselves or attached to a fixed anchor point like pull-up bars, MoveStrong Stall bars, or G-Loops, the SuperBands can be used to add resistance or provided assistance to your exercises and movements in order to maximizing your workouts.

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Strength Training tool - Use for pressing, curling, pulling, squatting, and more to add resistance to your bodyweight and barbell strength exercises for varying resistance loads in Squats, deadlifts, and bench press.

Mobility tool - Great tool to aid in assisted mobility and stretching movements.

Speed and agility / Conditioning - Resisted running for running-outs forward, backwards, and lateral

Bodyweight assist tool - Ideal for assisted bodyweight exercises like pull-ups and dips. Use to off set the load for handstand presses and squats.

An all-around tool great for many uses in your fitness and training training programs. And a great travel exercises tool for compact size and many exercise options with just the bands.

See the MoveStrong SuperBands in action!