MoveStrong Obstacle Course Products, Design, and Training Is Here!


Specifically engineered for outdoor use, these MoveStrong training products are customizable to create an indoor or outdoor Obstacle Course and functional fitness playground for any size space.  A MoveStrong OC is a combination of these products ideal for recreation centers, parks, health clubs, schools, military, fire and EMT, law enforcement , obstacle course race, backyards, and more looking to create the ultimate indoor or outdoor obstacle course using MoveStrong Functional Fitness Equipment!

Obstacle course training is an awesome way to have fun and get it peak physical condition to take on life’s physical challenges while building confidence and camaraderie of overcoming obstacles together in a group training setting! The MoveStrong OC training and equipment will challenge your stamina, strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance. If you’re looking for a way to set your gym, recreation center, university, or school apart and provide a unique physical challenge course, look into the MoveStrong Obstacle course design and training for your indoor or outdoor facility!

No need to be intimidating, as the MoveStrong OC course design can be tailored and scaled to many ages and ability levels to encourage determination and willingness to overcome the obstacles successfully with a coach, friend, trainer, or teammate. Here are a few incredible benefits to participating in obstacle course training as part of a workout routine:

  • Build confidence and team work- Obstacle course training is an excellent way to gain confidence as users get stronger and more confident with each run through the course. Work together as a team to encourage others and compete against each other for friendly competition and bonding as a group. A great social activity since others will experience all the same challenges together. Use obstacle course training to build stronger friendships and develop a support system among teams and co-workers

  • Improve Endurance, Stamina, and Functional Strength: OC Training is a great way to get heart healthy with cardiovascular exercise, build real usable functional strength and athletic muscle mass while and burning body fat all at the same time.

  • Break the boredom: break the normal gym routine with some fresh air and MoveStrong OC Training. A fun challenging way to incorporate new workouts sure to help break the norm of traditional machine gym workouts that will no doubt yield new results in your athletic, physical, and body composition results!

  • Increase Flexibility & Agility with improved Balance: Climb, crawl, run, jump, balance, and swing your body through a variety of obstacles. Move in manners the body was intended! You will quickly become more agile and improve those athletic skills with obstacle training. Over time, you’ll get better an more energy efficient with improved work capacity as you learn how to overcome obstacles more efficiently and preserve energy to make it all the way across the finish line without running out of steam.

Learn more about how to get started with the design and set-up, large or small, for an indoor or outdoor functional fitness obstacle course set-up by visiting the MoveStrong OC page or Contacting us today!