The Revolver Pull-up Bar Now Available for Nova FTS and Pull-up Brackets

The Patent Pending revolving pull-up bar designed by MoveStrong for the Nova Functional Training Station is now available as a optional feature to configure the systems that fits your training needs! A fun and challenging way to work grip and upper body strength with Calisthenics exercise to build the back, lats, arms, and shoulders. Train like a ninja warrior with the awesome never-ending climb challenges!

  • The Revolver also offers a locking pin allowing you to select the pull-up bar desired for use in a fixed position.

  • Made in the USA

  • Alows for four pull-up bars. Choose from two different diameter pull-up bars, Standard 1.25"dia., or 2" dia. pull-up bars

  • Available for the NOVA FTS and with the Pull-up Bracket System

Also available as a wall mount pull-up bar with the MoveStrong pull-up bracket system!