New MoveStrong Products and Training Tools Debuted at Functional Training Summit

It was a great time exhibiting and debuting some new MoveStrong functional fitness products last weekend at the Perform Better Summit Orlando! Thank you to those who came out to see us and Perform Better for putting on another excellent education event! Some exciting and new MoveStrong functional fitness training equipment and tools were shown for the first time.

Fitness professional, trainers, therapist, and gym owners and more got to test thier skills on the MoveStrong GEO Floor obstacles. The different shape obstacles can be arrange in many different courses to challenge balance, agility, strength, and stability as you walk, bound, and crawl through obstacles.

Be sure to catch MoveStrong at the next Functional Training Summit in Providence, RI June 23rd. Learn more by visiting our MoveStrong Training Events page


The MoveStrong Centerline bands were debuted to use on the Nova-4 FTS with Stall Bars. Dual anchor point strength bands provide a new dimension in training with resistance bands. 


The Revolver Pull-up bar was a hit as shown on the Nova FTS! A challenge took place for attendees to test their skills on the revolving pull-up bar.  A fun and challenging way to develop grip, arm, lat, and shoulder strength. Bodyweight and ninja warrior style training at its best! Now available on the Nova FTS or used on the MoveStrong Pull-up Bracket System!

Other MoveStrong training tools shown were the DynaBells, DSL Bar, GRT Handle, Grip tools, and Elevate Trainer!

Here are a few photos showing highlights from the event! 




































Be sure to check our event schedule for more Functional Training Summits coming to your area!