FightStrong Product Line Released for combat, martial arts MMA, and kickboxing style functional fitness workouts

Our collection of NEW FightStrong products offers only what MoveStrong can with functional fitness features and storage options that you can configure as desired. Integrate our “Functional" Heavy Bag Stand for individual or group combat, MMA, boxing, and kickboxing training. MoveStrong stands and integrated products offer a custom, quality, and high end look to compliment your facility designs. ALL MADE IN THE USA!

You can organize accessories on the stands and racks like gloves, jump ropes, bands, and more. With added functionality of anchor points for resistance bands, battle ropes, and suspension trainers. Get extended use of the stand by adding other functional training features like Adjustable Dip, Adjustable Step, and Ground Rotational Trainers to columns.

Single or modular to connect additional stands together with pull-up bar options. 

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