NEW IMPROVED RHINO BAGS ARE AVAILABLE!!! After much use and feedback we developed a new Rhino Bag to enhance the long term use and abuse these bags can take!

- Military Grade Cover Material
- Improved handle design
- Super durable wear covers at ends
- Formed inner shell to help maintain stiffness in middle
- Improved closure and ventilation of cover

The DynaBell was the first of free-weight strength training tools to be released by MoveStrong, NOW the Ground Strength Training Bag series are the next tools to bring odd-object strength training to the limelight! The Patent Pending design of the Rhino Bag and sphere shaped Boulder Bag will challenge you in so many ways to lift, flip, throw, drag, grasp, and hoist overhead in developing true real world strength to take on anything or anybody! 

The Rhino Bag is the ideal tool to provide an over-sized odd-shaped object needed to perform exercises that challenge every ounce of muscle to stabilize and maneuver. Grab the padded handles for better control of working with the bag, or grasp around center or ends without handles to create even more of a challenge with a large surface area to squeeze, clinch, and hug as you maneuver the bag through different exercises like:

End-over-end flips
Power flips
Partner lift-n-pass
Deadlift from Center or Ends
Suitcase deadlift
Off balance carry
Shoulder to press
Also perform scaled strongman exercises in a safer manner. The padded inner material of the bag make it less likely to cause damage to a surface if dropped onto the floor or on your foot!

Proper lifting and maneuvering of large odd-shape objects requires proper lifting techniques in order to avoid injury; always consult a professional trainer or coach before attempting any exercises or lifts you are not familiar with.

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