MoveStrong debuts new NOVA FTS model and functional training accessories

The Perform Better functional training Summit Long Beach 2015 was the site of release for even more new products and training methods from MoveStrong. The Nova FTS (Functional Training Station) is ever evolving with new features and options for customers to design the dream all-in-one training station to get results and keep clients engages with non-traditional fitness and training methods. The MoveStrong DynaBell was the first of free-weight strength training tools to be released by MoveStrong, NOW the ground Strength Training bag series are the next tools to bring odd-object strength training to the limelight! The Rhino Bag and Boulder bag will challenge you in so many ways to lift, flip, throw, drag, and hoist over head developing true real world strength to take on anything or anybody! Hanging Globes and Cobra grips were a hot as well to develop superman grip strength in performing pull-up, hangs, and with resistance bands.