New grip strength tool for bodyweight exercises and resistance bands

A specially designed MoveStrong grip strength tool that is ideal for use on pull-up bars, resistance bands, and as a cable attachment. The Cobra grip is sleeve covered rope for durability with a wood ball stop to offer the ability to grasp at different positions that will allow for varying the level of difficulty in maintaining a strong grip while performing exercises. 

Some pull-up bar exercises:

  • Varied grip pull-ups
  • Jumping pull-ups
  • Recline Pulls/Rows
  • Single arm row with rotation to reach
  • Static grip hanging holds
  • Knee-ups/ L-Sits
  • Tricep extension

Some cable/resistance band exercises:

  • Rotation and Chop variations 
  • Grip strength pulls/rows
  • Pull-to-push with rotation
  • Pallof pressing

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Jared KukaComment