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MoveStrong Functional Fitness Obstacle Course

Had a lot of fun with this one at the last Perform Better Summit Long Beach! Created a MoveStrong physical challenge course utilizing all facets of fitness with balance, strength, power, and endurance to make it through the course. Movements included:

* GEO Floor Obstacle balance beam crawl, lunge, Squat

* push-ups with knee-ups on M3 bars

* Revolver Pull-up bar

* Reverse Lunge with DSL bar

* Alternate band press with Centerline Resistance Bands

* Rope Slams

* Power Flips with Rhino Bag

* Sprint back to start

Perform for time. A great finisher to a strength workout or perform for multiple rounds as a great functional training and obstacle course training style workout. Make it fun and challenging moving in every way possible and incorporating all physical demands to keep it new and fresh!👍💪 #LiveLifeMoveStrong

Creating Balance and Agility Floor Obstacle Courses

Using the MoveStrong GEO Floor Obstacles to create different challenge courses to focus on movement skills, balance, agility, crawling, and stability. 

The different GEO shaped obstacles can be configured in different size and shape courses using the Link connectors. A great addition to a workout that emphasizes movement skills we often neglect! Especially as we age and start to be more challenged with everyday balance needs for life activities and sports!


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