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Instructional Tips For The MoveStrong Salmon Ladder

Here are a few tips for learning the technique to develop strength and skills to conquer the MoveStrong Salmon Ladder.

A bodyweight strength and power obstacle made popular by Ninja Warrior training, the Salmon Ladder takes some practice to master. Learning some of the basic tips will help in mastering the movement with strength and skills needed to make it a fun and safe way of training for calisthenics, ninja, obstacle course, and functional fitness workouts.

The MoveStrong Salmon Ladder offers side Dual Height bonding pull-up bars to work on the strength and power needed by jumping from bar to bar. This allows you to practice the kipping motion of the legs as well that helps drive you up the Salmon Ladder. A descent from a anchored climbing rope at the top makes for a safe return to the bottom.

The MoveStrong Salmon ladder is part of the NinjaStrong and MoveStrong Obstacle Course product lines.