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Interval Strength Training Circuit Workout On Club FTS

Here is an awesome interval circuit workout using the MoveStrong Club Functional Training Station provided by Active Edge Wellness

// New Exercise Alert 🚨//
Try incorporating this jungle gym circuit into your next workout!
🔹Battle Rope Slams X10
🔹Pull-up Hops X2 (or pull-ups)
🔹Lunge Jumps w/ Landmine Press X10
-Repeat 2-3 times
Feel the burn! 🔥 
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Sharing the MoveStrong Philosophy on Fitness

MoveStrong was on-site two days to work with world class and international recognized wellness spa and resort Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ. The fitness and wellness staff took part in launching a new dedicated functional fitness training area utlizing MoveStrong products. Training and demonstration took place utilizing the MoveStrong Club Model FTSDynaBell, M3 Bars, MS Heavy Bag, Rhino Bag, and other accessories to help them get the most of MoveStrong functional fitness training for thier clients.

Here is a video clip shot during the staff workshop with MoveStrong President describing the philosophy and benefits of exercising the MoveStrong way! 

Challenge your body at Canyon Ranch with the MoveStrong™ Functional Training System. Use your bodyweight and moving objects to build strength that carries over to real world activities.