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Total Body Functional Fitness Exercise with MoveStrong GRT Lunge To Press

Functional strength exercise that’s a total body movement with a lunge to press with an angled Olympic bar and Ground Rotational Trainer.

A great unilateral lower body move with the reserve lunge to target quads and glutes with balance to transition to an overhead press that challenges functional strength to stabilize to complete each rep. Shown here using the MoveStrong GRT Handle with an Olympic bar and added plates for resistance. GRT handles rotate to allow easy transition of ground to overhead movements and comfort in pressing overhead. GRT (Ground Rotational Trainer) Is directly mounted to wall to allow the Olympic bar to pivot freely. The GRT is an optional feature on all MoveStrong Nova FTS models and works great solely as a wall mount for all your angled barbell training.

5 Ground Rotational Trainer exercises using the GRT handle

The Ground Rotational Handle by MoveStrong allows for use with the GRT feature, a.k.a. Landmine, on the Functional Training Station gym racks. Using an Olympic bar and desired weight the handle slips over bar end and tightens. The handles rotate independently allowing for ease of transition from ground to overhead, comfort, and more efficient movement in performing functional strength exercises.

Video below shows a few of the exercises that can be performed wit the GRT Handle

  • Ground to overhead with Squat
  • Reverse Lunge to press
  • Side-to-side rotation
  • Over head squat
  • Push jerk

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