18 Bodyweight Exercises Parallel Bars Outdoor Fitness Equipment

The Elite Parallel Bars are part of MoveStrong FitGround product line. This special designed Outdoor Fitness station offers more exercise options than standard parrellel bars. They offer five different handle bar positions to grab that accommodate a wide range of bodyweight exercises. Making the Elite Parallel Bars more versatile and scaleable in exercises from complete off-ground training or ability to regress exercises with feet down making this outdoor fitness station more accessible to all fitness levels.

Below are examples of exercises that can be performed on the different bar positions of the MoveStrong Elite Parallel Bars.

Parallel Bars are a staple calisthenics training. The upper bars allow for all the traditional Parallel Bar exercises like, dips, knee-ups, L-Sits, press-ups, walks, and more

Parallel bar walk outdoor fitness equipment

The lower U-shaped bars at ends near ground are great for push-up and dip variations. Elevating the upper body slightly with feet planted on the ground gives a nice method for scaling variations of push-ups and dips making it less challenging for all fitness levels. And perform more advance exercises like the Kick through with Push-up And Dip for a great upper body and core strength movement.

Jk_3parallel bars 2018_dip kick thru.png

The Angled Bars are ideal for regressing exercises like Push-ups so the user can perform in a more upright position making it ideal for beginners or as part of a circuit interval workout when exercises need to be scaled back to make it through the time and intervals of the workout. They also are great for recline rows allowing for pulling exercise with feet planted on the ground.

Jk_3parallel bars 2018_row.png

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