US Marine Training Base Custom Outdoor Warped Wall And Cargo Net

MoveStrong had the opportunity to build a custom warped wall with backside cargo net for a US Marines Military Training Base. The custom built MoveStrong Warped Wall is 12’ in height and designed with a cargonet to allow troops to descend quickly and with a challenging manner of descending on a cargo net. Part of a full outdoor obstacle course for military physical fitness training this Warped Wall provides the physical challenge and elements needed to put functional strength, agility, balance, and endurance to the test.

The MoveStrong Warped Wall utilizes a stellar frame structure and professional grade ramp materials for the surface. The all steel frame structure allows for modular features to be added like the angled cargo net frame. The steel frame was weatherized for withstanding outdoor weather conditions and provide years of use for the base and its troops.

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