Fitness & Sports Club Transformation Gym Design With MoveStrong Functional Fitness Equipment

Check out the MoveStrong video highlights at the launch of the newly dedicated Functional Fitness Training room at this Illinois community city parks and recreation district.

Sterling Park District's newest addition to the Westwood Fitness & Sports Club in Illinois includes a 6,000sqft dedicated space for MoveStrong Functional Fitness Equipment and Training. The ultimate set-up for their members, trainers, coaches, and teams to work individually and in groups with functional training, calisthenics, obstacle course challenges, HIIT workouts, MMA training, and ninja warrior style workouts.

Another 12,000sqft of MoveStrong installed artificial turf was located next to the Functional Training area to provide space for functional fitness, speed and agility training, athletic team training, and sports activities.

MoveStrong worked closely with Parks and rec staff to develop a layout for the space for all sports and fitness activities. MoveStrong coordinated all installation of equipment, turf, and rubber flooring for this amazing project.

Some featured MoveStrong custom fitness equipment includes the Dual bridge NOVA XL Functional Training Station, Triple Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Elite Storage Rack System, FightStrong Columns, GEO Floor Obstacles, Mantis Power Sled, DynaBells and more!

Sterling Park District has many updates planned. As part of their announcement to community members, here is what they had to say about the new Functional Training area developed at Westwood Fitness & Sports Center…

Functional Training Area: Functional training attempts to adapt or develop exercises which allow individuals to perform activities of daily life more easily and without injury. By performing functional movements, individuals are training in a way which benefits their daily lives.

We will be transforming two of the old tennis courts into a state of the art functional training area. This space will feature a 40’ arch bridge with climbing/battle ropes, rings, grip training accessories, boxing/MMA bags, suspension trainers and a multitude of other components. The area will also feature a salmon ladder, just like the one you see on American Ninja Warrior, along with a three tiered warp wall with heights of 8’, 12’ and 14’.

This space will also feature two 84’ x 50’ (high school size) wood basketball courts and a 98’x59’ turf area for functional training. “ -