Corporate Wellness Outdoor FitGround At Power Design

Employees at Power Design in St Petersburg, Florida are all set and ready to Move Strong!👊💪💪 Big thanks to their wellness team for putting faith in us to deliver a outdoor fitness amenity to challenge their staff with organized team training for fitness, calisthenics, and obstacle style workouts!👍🙏

Large and small corporations are realizing the benefits to Welness amenities for their employees. What better way to provide a health and fitness break from the work day with a dedicated outdoor exercise area. MoveStrong can tailor to any size space and needs for employee wellness amenities. Use in one dedicated outdoor space or place stations along path or walking trail.

MoveStrong ordinating the installation for both mulch and artificial surfacing as well for the FitGround stations. A safety fall height padding was added under the artificial turf of the A-Wall climber

The MoveStrong FitGround Stations selected were the T-Rex FTS customized with horizontal ladder, pull-up bars, dip, Step, and Ab Bench. The push-up/inverted row bars, Plyo steps, and Elite Parallel Bars spaced out around the workout area. The A-Wall Climber was chosen to finish off the area with a nice challenge Obstacle!👌💪

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