Gold's Gym Sterling VA Renovation Tour Features MoveStrong Training Area

A dedicated group and functional fitness training room with MoveStrong equipment was part of a million dollar renovation at this Gold's Gym. Three additional Gold's Gyms in the Washington DC metro area have completed similar installs to offer MoveStrong functional fitness and group training classes to their members.

Video length edited to show MoveStrong featured in Gold's Gym Sterling Virginia. Visit to see full video on RichmondGolds YouTube Channel.

With the growing popularity in space for gym members to take part in new styles of exercise to stay motivated, work with a group of friends, engage in physical and functional strength challenges, a dedicated area for members is a must for gym chain and owners. Give what members ask for to work on functional fitness, train for their next obstacle course race, perform HIIT Training, and move in ways you can’t get on a treadmill or fixed machine! A dedicated gym space area for all styles of functional fitness as part of new design let’s managers and owners capture what hot in the fitness industry.

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