MoveStrong Featured At New BasketBall Academy Gym and Training Center

All set up for members, youth and adult athletes ready to get moving strong at PrimeTime Basketball Academy!🙌💪😁

The #NovaXL was customized to provide functional fitness training options along with calisthenics and a few #NinjaStrong features like #TheRevolverPullupBar to keep training interesting and challenging for their athletes!👍

Youth and adult athletes can utilize MoveStrong functional fitness equipment to work on the balance, functional strength, grip strength, and muscular endurance needed to carry over to athletic development in a fun manner that breaks the norm of traditional machine based strength workouts. The MoveStrong Functional Training station at this sports academy is also used for youth party and events. Making it a great piece to carry over to many uses for individual and team workouts for their athletes.

Thanks PrimeTime for making MoveStrong apart of your new location to open its doors in Alabama!👊💪💪🙏😁