MoveStrong Debuts NEW Ninja Warrior Training Products In Windy City

Windy City Ninjas in Chicago just open in February 2017 and showcased some new MoveStrong equipment designed specifically for Ninja Warrior style training. Added features we designed for the MoveStrong Nova FTS as well to provide even more versatility in this functional fitness station that allows users of all ages to exercise in the fashion desired using bodyweight challenges and obstacles as the workout.

The MoveStrong Salmon Ladder was also debuted with provides the challenging yet fun obstacle to bound your way up the 12' tall ladder with a jumping pull-u bar that is counter balanced with a safety cord. 

The MoveStrong Nova XL monkey bar bridge was designed for overhead space with multi-height anchor points which makes it ideal for ninja warrior style workouts. New climbing, grip strength, calisthenics, obstacle course, and ninja training features available for the Nova XL include 

  • Globe side rails for Rings Toss exercise
  • Cliff Hanger at varied heights and grips styles
  • Cannonball alley
  • Traveling rings
  • Monkey Bars at varied heights
  • Peg Board
  • Hang any other Ninja training tools from arch bridge

Also featured on Chicago's You & Me morning TV show WCIU