MoveStrong Conducts Functional Training Workshop At Courts Plus Community Center

Courts Plus Community Center recently converted an unused racquetball court to a new dedicated functional training room. With the help of MoveStrong design ideas the space was created using equipment to offer varying styles of individual and group training for members to experience. The MoveStrong Nova XL FTS was chosen and customized with new NinjaStrong Training features. Also the MoveStrong Salmon Ladder added a challenge to the room for the to test thier skills at Ninja Warrior training! 

MoveStrong conducted an In-Service Training for staff and guest of Courts Plus. An introduction to MoveStrong philosphy on functional fitness exercise and hands-on demonstartion. 

Topics covered:

• Making the most of bodyweight exercise
•Importance of functional fitness as applied to all ages and ability levels
• Exercise technique and creative ideas to build functional strength and whole body stability
• Utilizing MoveStrong products, how to regress and
progress exercises for all users
• MoveStrong accessory training tools and other equipment to incorporate in workouts
• Programming ideas for group and personal training
• Launching MoveStrong products and philosophy on exercise to others
• MoveStrong resources for continuing education

MoveStrong Equipment reviewed includes:
Nova XL Functional Training Sation with new NinjaStrong training features! 

MoveStrong Salmon Ladder!

Elevate Trainers

We had a great turn out for the MoveStrong In-Service workshop at Courts Plus. Here are a few highlights from the event!