MoveStrong FitGround adds a new dimension to fitness center amenities!

Awesome new install for a customer who wanted the best outdoor functional fitness amenity for their club! 󾌳󾮖

Club EZ Fit wanted a differentiator to stand out with unique amenities and programming for its clients. And did a great job redesigning a former kids playground area to this new outdoor functional training space. Now offers outdoor fitness bootcamps, personal training, and individual workouts for its members! Be sure to stop by if in the area! 󾮗󾮟

The MoveStrong FitGround is the solution to creating the ultimate outdoor fitness playground for adult functional fitness. Shown here with the 12-post double MoveStrong T-Rex FTS, agility over/under post, Cargo net with rope climb, zig-zag balance beam, stall bars, push-up/invert row bars, Parallel bars, Plyo steps, and turf area with Drive Sled!!!