MoveStrong Assist New Middle School In A Philosophy “Shift” on Fitness

Hallie Wells Middle School Clarksburg, MD opened its doors to students and parents August 24, 2016. Hallie Wells MS is Montgomery County Public Schools’ 204th school.

With the opening of this new 150,000 square foot state of the art school house, Physical Education teacher and Health Content Spiciest wanted to change the fitness amenities and programs offered at other county schools. 

"This year we were lucky enough to partner with MoveStrong Fitness to develop our brand new fitness center.  This partnership was a shift in how fitness rooms have been developed in Montgomery County Public Schools.  The main reason we were looking for something different was to teach students that fitness could be done throughout life with the body they were born with.  Once my department new which direction we wanted to go we worked closely with MoveStrong to design a room that would meet the needs of the middle school learner.  Movestrong modified anything and everything to ensure that students would be able to access all of the equipment in a safe environment. Jared Kuka's attention to detail ensured our fitness room would be an inviting and exciting place for all students to grow and learn.  My staff is so grateful for the amazing products that MoveStrong selected for Hallie Wells.  We can't wait to see the positive impact this space will have on each individual child!"

Justin Owen
P.E. and Health Content Specialist
Hallie Wells Middle School