Youth Fitness and Performance Training Experts endorses MoveStrong

Parisi Speed School founder Bill Parisi is an internationally recognized fitness business expert who shares his enthusiasm and passion for sports performance enhancement through presentations to business owners, athletes and coaches every year. By 2015, more than 600,000 athletes have trained through his system, now available in more than 85 facilities and health clubs in 31 states.

After designing a custom configuration of the MoveStrong T-Rex Outdoor FTS and installing with Elite Parallel bars, Drive Sled, and SledgeBells to his own backyard for his family to enjoy, Bill had this to say... 

"The Outdoor MoveStrong system is a one-of-a-kind system to help build a child’s strength, balance, coordination and most important, their self-confidence. It is the ideal system for the family workout. It makes a workout with friends pure fun.  This is the best outdoor training systems that is a functional playground for kids. "  


Bill Parisi, Founder arisi Speed Schools  

Bill Parisi, Founder
arisi Speed Schools