First Calisthenics gym in Dubai chooses MoveStrong!

Redefining gravity in Dubai! Gravity Calisthenics gym is the first of its kind with the space and equipment dedicated to calisthenics training. Gravity Gym choose MoveStrong for the majority of its calesthenics training equipment. We are very proud to be apart of this amazing new gym in Dubai! 

"When you are passionate about something, and you find out that it is not available in your hometown, what do you do? Yousef Al Gurg was addicted to a sport called Calisthenics, and realized the benefits of this sport quickly. He would be caught telling all of his friends and colleagues about it, but could never find a gym that is solely dedicated to this sport in the country. Soon later, after much hard work, Yousef is now set to open his very own Calisthenics gym in Dubai called Gravity DXB. This new movement is unlike you have ever seen. It is not a new sport by any means, but an Art that has died a long time ago. Here to tell us more is the founder himself." Enjoy his exclusive first-interview below. - See more at: