Another United States Coast Guard Training Center adds MoveStrong

It is always such a great honor to assist our U.S. military bases and personnel in achieving and maintaining physical readiness for their jobs by utilizing MoveStrong products. The Miami USCG was the first Coast Guard base to create an outdoor functional fitness area using MoveStrong products and now USCG Yorktown has chosen MoveStrong for their newly created outdoor fitness training area.

USCG Yorktown installed a MoveStrong Double T-Rex Outdoor FTS with monkey bar bridge. Includes 2 each of our adjustable Dip, Step, and Ab bench, dual height medicine ball targets, Outdoor rings, Climbing ropes, along with multiple pull-up bars, and newly featured Globe Grip rails on the monkey bar bridge. Yorktown chose a rubber tile surface for the training area around the T-Rex for thier dedicated outdoor training area. 

"Our patrons are loving it!"
- Katherine L.
MWR Sports Director
USCG Training Center


A little bit about USCG Yorktown as stated on their website...
Our Mission is to “Forge Today’s Force to Execute Tomorrow’s Mission.” A first class working and learning environment has been created by a dedicated staff of support personnel. We accomplish our mission through resident, non-resident, and exportable training ; Assessment and Standardization programs; Doctrine Support; and External Engagement with our international, interagency and local partners.

Our Vision is to support the entire Coast Guard by helping to Optimize Workforce Performance and Unit Readiness. Training Center Yorktown proudly upholds the Coast Guard's motto "Semper Paratus," graduating students "always ready" to meet today's challenges.