Custom T-Rex Outdoor Fitness Station in New Jersey


The Gym in Englewood, New Jersey selected MoveStrong as their equipment of choice for their outdoor training area. The Gym chose to customize their Double T-Rex by adding two monkey bar bridges along with several of our featured options including the Y-extenders, ab board benches, step-up attachments, and dip posts. 

Who said jungle gyms are just for kids? The MoveStrong T-Rex is a complete functional training playground designed specifically for adults. At MoveStrong, we aim to put the focus on fundamental exercises that allow you to perform at your best in every day life.

What's the point of spending countless hours lifting weights if you can't apply any of that strength in the real world? And what's the fun in that anyway? The T-Rex combines strength and functional training exercises while putting you to the ultimate test in the most natural environment, the great outdoors!

The T-Rex is specially designed to weather tough outdoor conditions. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, the T-Rex will allow you to train, and play year around.