University of Florida

The Gators know MoveStrong! We are proud to install a MoveStrong FTS Club model at the University of Florida. The RecSport Center is a cutting edge multi-purpose fitness facility on campus. They offer top notch fitness programs and personal training services utilizing many of the latest functional strength training methods and equipment to create new, fun, and results oriented programs for their students and faculty.

The University of Florida RecSports provides great demonstrations as part of the Trainer Time tip videos. It is released regularly to educate facility users on new and correct exercise techniques. The video below was shot to demonstrate the plyometric pull-up on the climbing bars feature of the MoveStrong FTS.

Not just for gyms and fitness studios, MoveStrong is becoming recognized by High Schools, Universities, Military, and recreation centers as a new and important part to the equipment offered to its users. Providing a safe dedicated area to perform traditional bodyweight training along with the latest in functional fitness training methods.

Deanna BurksComment