NEW PRODUCT! Single tier Wall FTS

In response to the many request for a space efficient functional training station that can be mounted on most walls we developed the new MoveStrong Wall FTS Single tier model. A compact wall mount FTS with multiple strength and conditioning exercise options all in one system. Anchor points for resistance bands, suspension trainers, heavy bag, and Training Ropes. Customize pu

ll-up bar options with a Fat Grip, Bent grip, or Globe grip bar. Olympic bar GRT (Ground Rotational Trainer) and bar storage holder. Add Medicine ball targets for Wall Ball exercises. Visit our website for more info and to request a custom quote for your training needs.

Available for mounting on concrete, cinder block, or drywall with wood studs. Ask for our mounting specs to ensure you have the space and support structure to anchor the Wall FTS.

Deanna BurksComment