MoveStrong Marketing & Education Kit

We understand the importance of promoting and launching MoveStrong training and education to your clients. That's why we have developed a kit that provides the tools to build some hype around implementing MoveStrong, along with materials to help educate your clients and staff on the many features, training options, and exercises with our MoveStrong stations.

The Marketing & Education kit includes:

 • 30-day Access to the online MoveStrong customer Marketing and Education center. Download pictures, videos, fliers, sample schedules and materials to assist with launching MoveStrong 
• 2 Posters for in-club display to promote MoveStrong 
• 2 Exercise posters showing many popular exercises performed on the MoveStrong FTS 
• Promotional DVD to use in your facility demonstrating MoveStrong training 
• Exercise Instruction DVD with over 75 video demonstrations of exercises performed on the MoveStrong FTS 
• 4 MoveStrong t-shirts 

A $400 Value!

This Kit is available for a limited time for FTS model orders. Contact us for more details,

Deanna BurksComment