Features and Benefits of the MoveStrong FTS

See the latest video showcasing the features and benefits of the MoveStrong FTS.

It's no secrete that trainers, coaches, and fitness centers are altering their methods and facilities to better accommodate working with participants in a group setting. And with the realization that people's perception of fitness is changing to incorporate basic fundamental strength movements using mostly bodyweight along with other tools to build real life functional strength.

The MoveStrong Functional Training Station
Key features:

  • Different size models for your available space
  • Customize with the training features you want
  • High quality solid built frame for indoor or outdoor use
  • Designed to be an all-in-one station to use with Bands, Ropes, Suspension, Rings, Olympic bars, Medicine Balls, and more

Key benifits:

  • Maximize revenue by Training clients in a group setting
  • Provides a safe and dedicated area to perform the latest functional strength exercises
  • Great WOW! factor in your facility 
  • Countless exercises options to keep clients engaged
  • Sets you apart from the traditional, all-machine driven, fitness club

Deanna BurksComment