New Product Release - Wall Mount FTS

The MoveStrong Wall Mounted Functional Training Station is a great way to provide a space efficient area to perform a variety pull-up and functional strength exercises. It anchors into a solid wall support structure leaving the floor space available to perform the exercises desired.

All-in-one station to use many functional training accessories such as Resistance bands, Suspension, Medicine balls, Olympic bar rotational trainer, Training Ropes, and more. A space saver to provide a dedicated area for individual workouts and great for small group training with 4-8 participants.

Never get board with the same style pull-ups! The interchangeable pull up bars allow for use of the Globe grip bar, 2" fat grip bar, or the bent handle grip bar. The 3-tier, flying pull-up bar design, allows for bounding or plyo pull-ups to build explosive pulling power. It also provides different heights for your users to quickly grab a bar.
Deanna BurksComment