Squat Stand System & Options

Squat Stand System & Options

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Squat Stand System Pair of Squat Stands INCLUDES:

  • Connecting Base Tube
  • Collar and Accessory Holder on each Stand
  • (2) Weight Plate Storage Horns
  • (1) Pair of Adjustable J-hooks for Racking Olympic Bar 11" to 64" Above Ground
  • Weld-on Base Tabs for Anchoring to Floor for More Stability

Elite Options Available for Squat Stand System:

  • Rope Anchor (Training Rope Anchor at Base)
  • GRT (Ground Rotational Trainer for Olympic Bar Bell)
  • Adjustable Spotter Arms (1 Pair)
  • Upright Posts (1 Pair of Upright Connector Posts for Pull-up Bar Options)
  • Standard 46" Pull-up Bar
  • Bent Grip Pull-up Bar
  • Fat Grip Pull-up Bar
  • Globe Grip Pull-up Bar
  • Sliding Pull-up Bar

Extend the use of your MoveStrong Squat Stand by adding on any of the above Elite Options such as our Rope Anchor, GRT, and Adjustable Spotter Arms. Or create a Pull-up Station with the Squat Stand System by adding Upright Posts, then choose the Pull-up Bar of your choice. 

MADE IN U.S.A.! Built to order with desired options. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Continental US shipping only for online orders. Contact us for special needs, lead times, additional info and shipping needs to complete your order.

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A quality US made pair of stands with adjustable J-hooks to rack an Olympic bar for traditional exercises like squats, bench press, and overhead press. A cross tube at base to lock the stands together for stability along with storage horns for weight plates and collars. The Squat Stand System allows you to add uprights for a pull-up bar. Use our bolt-on MoveStrong pull-up bar options such as the Bent Handle Grips, Sliding Pull-up, Globe Grips, 2" Fat bar, or a Standard Pull-up bar. For body weight pushing or horizontal pulling, our adjustable Spotter Arms hold Dip Pegs for performing dips, push-up/inverted rows for progressions in a variety of upper body strength exercises.



  • Pair of Squat Stands with connecting base tube
  • Collar and accessory holder on each stand
  • Weight plate storage horns
  • Pair of adjustable J-hooks for racking bar 11" to 64" above ground
  • Weld-on base tabs for anchoring to floor for more stability


  • Choice of five MoveStrong Pull-up bar options (Standard Pull-up Bar, Fat Grip Pull-up Bar, Bent Grip, Globe Grip, or Sliding Pull-Up Bar)
  • Safety Spotter Arms
  • Dip Handle Pegs
  • Rope Anchor
  • GRT (Ground Rotational trainer)





  • 2"x3" 11 gauge steel tubing
  • Weight for both stands is 131 lbs without pull-up attachments, 166 lbs with pull-up attachments
  • Max weight capacity is 450 lb. bolted to floor
  • J-hook height - 64 13/16" (highest), 10 13/16" (lowest)
  • Pull-Up Bar height = 91 1/4" (top of bar)


  • Frames:  Silver Vein Gloss Powder Coat
  • Attachments: MoveStrong Blue Textured Powder Coat
  • Inquire about custom colors available


  • Bolt down to floor for added stability and safety (anchor hardware not included)
  • Install guide included