MoveStrong M3 Bars Pair

MoveStrong M3 Bars Pair

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The ultimate body weight and gymnastic training bars uniquely designed to allow for even more fun and scalable exercises for developing the upper body, stability, and core strength.  

Styled like popular parrallette bars used for practicing gymnastic skills, the M3 Bars have additional handles allowing for more hand placement positions. Great for a variety of push-up variations as well as performing the traditional scaled gymnastic skills.

Different height and hand positions provide more options and comfort to the wrist when performing push-ups. Perform push-ups with staggered height, varied width and varied angles.

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  • Quality built for commercial use

  • Upper rails and additional lower handles provide more hand placement options for exercises

  • Rubber feet for more secure floor placement

  • Plastic end caps to prevent scraps

  • NEW low 1" high base tube for easier clearance in pass through exercises

  • 1.66 inch diameter steel bars and handles

  • MoveStrong blue powder coat finish with special slip resistant texture

  • 23"Long X 14" Width X 12" Height

  • Weight is 30 lbs per set

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