MoveStrong Heavy Bag w/ Grab Handles and Targets

MoveStrong Heavy Bag w/ Grab Handles and Targets


Not your average punching bag, we wanted a beast of a bag that had more purpose than just throwing punches. Built to last, like all our USA made products, in a heavy commercial gym facility with features to help in personal/group training workouts by adding call-out targets for coaches and clients to use in varying targeted blows to the bag. Give it your best elbows, jabs, kicks, and then clinch the top grab handles to delivery a more powerful vicious knee to your targeted area.  


  • 55" tall and 14" diameter

  • 100lb bag wrapped in heavy duty vinyl filled with compressed fabric. NO sand used which is found in cheaper bags for a filler and tends to settle at bottom and hardens over time.

  • ALL USA MMA/Heavy Bag is designed for extreme workouts and is durable enough for professional training and gym use.

  • Call out targets offer coaching queues to focus on where you want blows to land. Great for a trainer or coach to use when working with clients or creating workouts.

  • 10 YEAR WARRANTY ensures that you are getting a quality commercial grade heavy bag. This is a top quality, all American, heavy duty bag

  • Four top end grab handles to better leverage knee blows to the bag.

  • Professionally designed with 4 layer "No Tear" straps FOR HANGING so NO MORE loud chains!

  • 2 heavy duty Chrome covered D-rings are supported by extra padding to prevent flipping of the rings.

  • Color: Primary: Black, Secondary:Gray with silver print. Blue grab handles

Use our Universal Heavy Bag Strap for hanging bag easily at just about any location without the need for chains.

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