First Responders Obstacle Course Design

WATCH this animated demonstartion video of a MoveStrong Obstacle Course and let us know if it could help your local branch of First Responder officials?

Physical training, challenge, and fitness testing designed using MoveStrong Indoor and Outdoor Functional Fitness Equipment.

This style course was designed for Law Enforcement and Police Academy Training. It could also assist Firefighters, EMT, Rescue, or any First Responders who needs the physical fitness, strength, balance, endurance, and agility to perform the vital roles of protecting and serving the public. These challenge courses can play a crutial role in maintaining the physical condition for saving lives and for the saftey of First Responders on the job everyday.

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Why is physical fitness important for First Responders? Check out this article from American Councel Of Exercise as writer and fitness expert Pete McCall gives “7 Tips For First Responder”…

”While the term athlete “athlete” has generally been used to describe peanswers that questions and gives 7 ople who compete in individual or team sports, a new category of athlete has emerged in recent years that doesn’t involve competition. Today, members of the military, law enforcement and first responders such as firefighters or paramedics are often described as “tactical athletes” because of the physically demanding nature of their jobs. As a result, the field of tactical strength and conditioning has emerged to provide appropriate exercise and fitness programs to meet the fast-changing nature of these physically demanding jobs.

Exercise programs for tactical athletes and first responders should address a variety of needs, including mobility, movement efficiency, aerobic capacity and power. This is in contrast to a traditional approach to strength training that focuses on only one body part or muscle group at a time. Here, firefighters and tactical strength and conditioning experts share seven tips for designing effective workout programs for first responders.” - see full article at