NEW NOVA FTS In-Line Model Now Available

The Nova Functional Training Station In-Line model is designed to be space efficient for gyms, schools, athletic training centers, and fitness studios. It offers the Nova FTS training features to be arranged in a straight line taking up minimal floor space and to sit flush to a wall. Ideal for facilities needing a space efficient all-in-one functional fitness solution to include storage solutions, olympic barbell lifts, many pull-up bar options, suspension trainers, battle ropes, resistance bands, stall bars, medicines ball exercises, and more!

Horizontal and arch monkey bar bridges may also be customized to add to the middle or ends of the Nova In-Line model.

Customize with as many additional In-Line bays as desired and place in different areas of your facility. Visit our Build Your Own 3D program here to get started and submit a quote.

Contact us with any questions or to help in designing a Nova In-Line that fits your training needs and space!