Battle Rope Attachment for T-Rex Outdoor Functional Training Station

A new dedicated anchor for Battle Ropes is now available for the T-Rex outdoor Functional Training Station! Attach to any T-Rex post at the base. The Battle Rope anchor allows for ropes to move freely with its pivoting anchor that attaches to the custom end ropes with eyelet. A great way to a afix the battle ropes for placement without the concerns of easy removal. It does require tools to install and detach so making it less likely to be removed in a fitness park or public setting.

Our outdoor Battle Ropes are designed for outdoor use and weather harsh conditions. They do not absorb or rot like traditional manilla style ropes often seen for indoor climbing ropes. We also offer a grip knot end as an added feature to assist if needed with grip during exercise with the battle ropes.

Using training ropes, a.k.a Battle Ropes, a.k.a. Power Ropes, to exercise by performing various wave patterns, slams, press and holds, and more non-stop movenents in an interval fashion are great for cardio, stamina, and endurance workouts using upper body that will strengthen the grip, arms, shoulder, lats and core! Great for high intensity interval training, HIIT, workout with very low impact to make a safe and very efficient way to get the heart rate up and fast!

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