Now Available Modular Nova XL Arch Bridge!

Our Nova XL is infinitely expandable for creating modular XL bridges stacked sid-by-side to create the size and training options needed for functional fitness and ninja warrior style of training!

Like all our FTS models, configure with the optional features desired based on YOUR training needs. 

More NEW training features and tools available for the FTS models and Pull-up bracket system :

  • Cliff Hangers- 2 heights and 2 Cliff hanger grip styles
  • Peg Board- for horizontal peg climbing
  • Ring Toss- we have a varied height option 
  • Cannonball alley- Hanging globes that vary in size
  • Staggered height monkey bars- Adjust monkey bars at different height for more challenge. 
  • Traveling Rings- Swing from ring to ring suspended from monkey bars
  • Swinging balance Disc- Ropes suspended with balance disc to transverse across
  • Horizontal Rope Climb