The NEW and IMPROVED MoveStrong Rhino Bag

After much feedback and usage we have constantly improved our Rhino Bag for functional fitness and odd-object strength training! Check out the latest video showcasing the new Rhino Bag

 The patent pending design of The Rhino bag allows users to flip, lift, carry, squat, and press this oversized odd shaped bag in a manner that requires an extraordinary amount of power, stability, balance, and functional strength to perform many strength training exercises. Use the integrated handles for better control of the bag, or grasp and clinch around the bag to create even more challenging in performing exercises. Perform scaled exercises similar to the tractor tire flip and other strongman exercises in a safe manner with the durable yet softer material of the bag.

Improved features include:

  • More grab handle position
  • Improved handle design for durability and comfort
  • Military grade materials
  • Added industrial strength material around edges for wear guards
  • Formed middle for a more rigid center and less sag
  • Vent holes to allow air and pressure to be reduced for slams and flips