NEW MoveStrong Elite Glute/Ham and Reverse Hyper Bench

The MoveStrong Elite Glute/Ham and Reverse Hyper bench was just released in fall 2015! With the growth of MoveStrong product line, we felt the need to manufacture a quality GHD bench that integrated more exercise variety into this traditional bench that has become a staple in many strength and conditioning programs and facilities. 

Here are some key features of this awesome functional strength training bench that is sure to blast your hams, glutes, and back using only bodyweight or by performing exercises with resistance bands added to the dedicated anchor points.

  • Step through design separating front pads from foot plate adjustment
  • Band anchor point loop on front upright for utilizing resistance bands in exercises
  • Band Peg positions to add up to three sets of Band Pegs at base 
  • Perform reverse hypers by lying over thigh pads and grasping the integrated handles on the foot plate
  • Swing lever design for quick easy adjustment forward and backward of foot plate
  • Split thigh pads for comfort
  • High quality design and construction for commercial fitness, athletic, and strength training facilities
  • Custom colors frame and upholstery available

Contact us for more info on these unique benches and custom options available.