First MoveStrong Super NOVA-8 FTS installed at The LABS USA

MoveStrong designed, built, and installed a custom configuartion of the Super NOVA FTS to accommodate team training and group functional fitness classes for all ages and ability levels. Including a 51' expanding NOVA-8 FTS double octagon system, NOVA-4 Team Training racks for strength and conidtion workouts with athletes, and a dedicated Redcord rack to accomodate Redcord training and Therapy.

The Labs is a unique training facility offering the best of land and aquatic training for athletes of all ages, levels, and interests. Our holistic approach to fitness includes learn-to-swim lessons, competitive swim training, group fitness classes, personalized fitness, triathlete training and our proprietary Catalyst training.
You can move easily between land and water and individual and group workouts. Our instructors are experts in fitness and use the latest technology, equipment and data tracking to help you make the most of every minute.