MoveStrong Adds The DynaBell™ To Its Lineup of Functional Strength

From the makers of the MoveStrong Functional Training Station (FTS) comes the DynaBell™— a new fitness tool that provides functional and traditional strength training in one dynamic and powerful fitness tool. 

The DynaBell™ was unveiled this month at the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association’s annual trade show (IHRSA) in San Diego, where MoveStrong also unveiled its new FTS, the NOVA™. 

The Dynabell brings MoveStrong’s line of functional fitness full circle and offers athletes, fitness enthusiasts and exercisers of all levels a versatile training tool.
— Deanna Burks, Sales & Marketing for MoveStrong

The traditional dumbbell is one of man's first tools used for developing strength. As we recognized the need for more applicable ways in strength training that carry over to our normal activities in daily life, many new techniques and strength training tools have allowed us to venture into new territories of developing real life multi-directional strength. The DynaBell™ moves us forward into the realm of functional fitness training while maintaining our roots in strength training. With traditional lifts and exercises, DynaBell™ training can be used to incorporate movements that engage the entire body as one connected unit. Focus on core strength, whole body stability, power, hypertrophy, and strength when performing traditional dumbbell exercises. Get results while developing lean muscle, improving human performance, and real life strength. With the DynaBell, you will be more efficient, feel great and move strong in any direction. 

The Dynabell™ is sold individually in sizes 10-50 lb. It's also available in a set of 10-50 lb. of single dumbbells. The DynaBell™ also has its own rack for storage. The racks can be sold in pairs and are free-standing or can be attached together for a double rack. 

For more information about the DynaBell™ contact MoveStrong toll-free at 855-728-8700.

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