MoveStrong SledgeBell

The new MoveStrong SledgeBell is an incredible total body conditioning tool that allows you to swing, hammer, balance, lunge, chop, and throw it!  Designed to use for sledgehammer strength and conditioning exercises with a tire as well as performing a variety of swing and chop patterns to help mobility, core strength, and stability while engaging the entire body.


It’s apparent the body needs a continued variety of stimulus to maintain improvements in your fitness levels and functional strength.  Unbalanced training tools, such as a kettlebells or sandbags, increase muscle activation and core stability to move these odd-shaped and unbalanced weighing objects through space. This makes for developing more efficient total body usable strength and keeps fitness every changing and fun!

The round head of our SledgeBell provides a straight-line rebound off tires when used like a sledgehammer. Traditional sledgehammer tends to rotate in the hands and twist the wrist as the flat hammer surface bounces off the tire at odd and unexpected angles. This makes it difficult for beginners and less effective exercise with concerns of the wrist, grip, and safety.

Key Features

  • Available in different sizes 5” or 8” diameter head
  • Both sizes can be filed with lead shot to adjust desired weight
  • 2” ball stop at end of handle to assist with grip

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