Learn Different Methods To Monkey Bars For Upper Body Strength

MoveStrong offers Monkey Bars on most Functional Training Station Models. Here is a tutorial for tips and progressing your strength to take on this challenge. Performed in video below on the MoveStrong NOVA XL

First work on grip strength. It all starts with your grip. If you don’t have the grip strength to hold your bodyweight with one hand, you are not ready. Start with hanging holds and practice by releasing one hand then alternating hands on the same bar.

Work on pull-ups. Pull-up strength develops the shoulders, lats, and arm strength needed to carry over to monkey bars. If unable to do pull-ups, perform the negative, lowering movement of the exercise, along with alternate one hand grip holds.

Start with lateral, side-ways, monkey bar climbs on horizontal overhead bars. Moving laterally can actually be easier and more comfortable for some due to the neutral hand grip position. And allow for arms to be more involved to transition quicker from bar to bar.

Forward climbs are the traditional method. Once mastered the horizontal forward climb, you can perform on a staggered height or incline to decline bars. This requires more strength to reach up with one hand as you climb.

Backwards is another advance options for Monkey Bar climbs. Although t can be easier going backwards with moving up an incline of bars.

All monkey bar options on the indoor MoveStrong Functional Training Station models offered varied height bars. Install your monkey bars at to height options for high, low, or a staggered height position.

WARNING- The Monkey Bars are an advance level obstacle that should only be performed for those possessing excellent skill and strength. If you can not do a strict pull-up, you probably should not be attempting the monkey bars. Always seek advice of a trainer with experience in mastering the Monkey Bars before attempting.