Grip strength exercises with the Hanging Globes

Your ability to grasp large or odd shaped objects is super important for true functional strength. Finger, wrist, and forearm strength play a huge role in fitness and in performing everyday activities efficiently. We get accustom to grabbing a barbell, dumbbell, pull-up bar, or fitness tools with usually a 1" round handle in the gym which is easy to grasp and control. By using other large or odd shaped handles when working out it gives you the ability to focus on grip strength training while doing some of the exercises you normally perform. Use the MoveStrong Hanging Globes as an attachment on Pull-up bars, monkey bars, rings, suspension trainers, resistance bands, and a cable attachment. Different sizes available in 3.5", 6", and 8" diammeter globes and includes webbing straps for securing to anchor point. 

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Jared KukaComment