The club fts

Original FTS — 10-12 users

The MoveStrong™ Club FTS Model is ideal for group functional training workouts in a class setting, or just to provide your clients with safe equipment to perform traditional bodyweight training mixed with the latest in functional strength training exercises. Accommodates 10-12 participants at one time




  1. (2) Large cylinder shape training rope anchors
  2. (2) GRTs (ground rotational trainers) and bar storage holder for use with standard Olympic bars
  3. Adjustable step-up attachment with rope and foot anchor
  4. Adjustable V-shape dip attachment
  5. (2) Adjustable push-up and inverted row bars
  6. Tri-tube leg design providing dedicated anchor points for attaching resistance bands and other accessories
  7. (4) removable Olympic plate storage holders
  8. Logo plate center section with standard pull up bar
  9. (6) Monkey bars can be arranged evenly or at different heights
  10. Outside 3-tier pull-up bars (both ends)

elite options

  1. Grid board. Includes(4) Fixed bent handle grips, (4) straight pegs, (4) 3" Globe grips to arrange as desired in Grid
  2. Sliding Pull-up™. Stainless steel tube and (4) rotating handles. Lock-in place or slide freely as you pull
  3. Medicine ball targets (holds up to 4). 10' center target height for Wall Ball exercises
  4. 8' Parallel bars. Can be placed on any four sides
  5. J-hooks (holds 2 pair). For racking Olympic bars to perform Squats and Presses. Use for bench press too.
  6. Floor Plates. Provides stability at base and foot placement when performing certain exercises.
  7. Plyo-Rebounder. Medicine ball rebounder with pivoting bracket to secure to FTS base. (holds up to 2)
  8. Y-extender. Use for rings, climbing ropes, or heavy bag. Allows for 3 feet of distance from frame.
  9. Flag handles. Short and long adjustable handle to allow for bodyweight exercises including Human Flag variations. 


  • Paint: 
    • Silver Vein: Frame with pull-up and monkey bars in alternate black and MoveStrong™ blue.
    • MoveStrong Blue: GRTs, Push-up bars, J-hooks, and Flag handles.
    • Black: Step, Dip, Parallel bars, Medicine ball targets, Heavy bag anchor
  • Custom Colors: Inquire about custom color options available.
  • Space: Space requirements vary based on training option add-ons and exercises performed.Typical training space is around 25' x by 23' (this varies based on exercises performed)
  • Dimensions: Overall Dimensions: 9’4” T x 9'10” L x 6'8” W for the Standard Club Model. Elite add-on features vary in overall size. 
  • Placement: FTS requires bolting to the floor. Floor plates are optional.
  • Installation: Typical installation time is 2-4 hours with basic tools and ladders and 3-4 people. Installation guides are provided. Contact us for additional installation needs.  
  • Delivery: The Club FTS is delivered curbside by FTL. Contact us for additional delivery needs.

see the features in action

Our products are designed to promote and teach fitness beginners to enthusiast the fundamentals and importance of body weight and functional fitness training. We supply a customized approach with our high quality, design, look, and feel to our all USA made equipment. We want to provide fitness centers, personal trainers, schools, and athletic facilities the tools to get others involved in a style of exercising that promotes fun and results oriented functional fitness training.


Included Standard Features

Standard GRTs to hold an Olympic bar 

Standard 3-Tiered Pull-Up Bars

Standard Rope Anchors

Standard Pull Up Bar

Standard Adjustable Push Up Bars


Elite Optional Features

Elite Optional 11" Cargo Net

Elite Optional 8' Parallel Bars

Elite Optional J Hooks for Olympic bar

Elite Optional Flag Handles

Elite Optional Monkey Bars 

Elite Optional Medicine Ball Targets 

Elite Optional Grid Board 

Elite Optional Y-Extender for rings

Elite Optional Plyo Medicine Ball Rebounder