FOUNDATIONS FTS: SimplICITY IN design and function

The MoveStrong Foundations FTS provides the fundamentals needed for calisthenics and strength training. Quality and distinct design is found in the simplicity of our Foundation FTS model. Its versatility in size and configurations make it ideal for any size space and budget in creating a functional fitness environment for any indoor fitness facility, school, military, or home garage workout setting.

FRX-1 10 FT WITH HIGH BARS_new Final.jpg

KEY features

  • Choose between free-standing and wall anchored
  • Configure desired over all size using the proper amount of 9' upright post
  • Span between upright post with 6'6", 4', or 2'8" bar and connector options
  • Option to use upright post extenders to archive 11' height
  • 6 diffrent pull-up bar options for connecting upright post
  • Optional features can be added to suite training needs

Choose Your favorite training features to add

  • Adjustable J-hooks for racking Olympic bars
  • Spotter arms
  • Olympic plate storage
  •  Flag handles
  • GRT (ground rotational trainers)
  • Medicine ball target
  • Parallel bars
  • Storage trays
  • Dip bar
  • 4-tiered Climber bars
  • Dual height pull-up bars
  • Utility pegs for plate storage

Foundations FTS Specs:

  • Paint: 
    • All flat black powder coat
    • Choose to have a secondary color of MoveStrong blue
    • A special non-gloss slight texture finish is used for better feel and grip
    • Inquire about custom color options
  • Configuration: Space requirements vary based on training option add-ons and exercises performed.Typical training space is around 25' x by 23' (this varies based on exercises performed)
  • Materials: 3"x2" 11 guage powder coated steel post. Fasteners and concrete floor anchoring hardware provided. Wall anchor hardware not included but may be purchased with order based on wall structure
  • Dimensions: start with a 6' wide 4 post design and span length as desired by adding 2 additional post with a choice of 2'8", 4', or 6'6" center span sections. Post uprights are 9' tall with the option to add height extension to 11'. Add-on training features vary the overall size. 
  • Pull-up bars: 1.25" outter diameter pull-up bars. Choose to mount pull-up bars at 3 different heights 7'2", 8', and 8'10"
  • Placement: requires proper bolting to the floor as show in the installation guide. Configuration for wall anchoring is available for wood stud, block, or concrete walls. 
  • Installation: Typical installation time varies based on size, basic tools, drill, and ladders needed. Installation guides are provided. Contact us for additional installation needs.  
  • Delivery: delivered curbside. Contact us for additional delivery needs.