Lunge and Squat Variations using the Ground Rotational Trainer and GRT Handle

MoveStrong's special design GRT Handle is secured on the end of an Olympic Barbell with the other end inserted into a Ground Rotational Trainer, also know as a landmine. The GRT Handles rotate and allows for ease of transition from ground to overhead. It also allows hands in a neutral grip position to hold and press during the lunge and squat variation exercises as shown in this video.

  • Reverse Lunge
  • Reverse Lunge to Press
  • Squat
  • Squat to Press
MoveStrong Functional Fitness Obstacle Course

Had a lot of fun with this one at the last Perform Better Summit Long Beach! Created a MoveStrong physical challenge course utilizing all facets of fitness with balance, strength, power, and endurance to make it through the course. Movements included:

* GEO Floor Obstacle balance beam crawl, lunge, Squat

* push-ups with knee-ups on M3 bars

* Revolver Pull-up bar

* Reverse Lunge with DSL bar

* Alternate band press with Centerline Resistance Bands

* Rope Slams

* Power Flips with Rhino Bag

* Sprint back to start

Perform for time. A great finisher to a strength workout or perform for multiple rounds as a great functional training and obstacle course training style workout. Make it fun and challenging moving in every way possible and incorporating all physical demands to keep it new and fresh!πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ #LiveLifeMoveStrong

Chest blaster with Centerline Resistance Bands and Stall Bars

Tri-Set of exercises using the MoveStrong Centerline Resistance Bands and Stall Bars. 

- Centerline Band Chest Press 10 reps split stance each leg
- Elevated feet Stall Bars incline push-up 10 reps
- Centerline Band Alternate Band Press 10 reps split stance each leg

Perform each exercise back-to-back without rest. After all 3 exercises rest 60-90 seconds and repeat the tri-set 2-3x. A great chest, shoulder, tricep, and core engagement workout to start or use as a upper body finisher in your workout.

Five Core Suspention Exercises With the MoveStrong Elevate Trainer

Here are 5 core intensive exercises with the Elevate Trainer while feet suspended in cradles. Placement of cradles on legs can be adjusted to increase or decrease level one difficulty. Cradles higher on leg towards knee provides more off-load of Bodyweight when performing these type of exercises.

While these focus heavily not he core, the entire body is engaged to stabalize the body in a plank position while performing the various pikes, knee tucks, and hip swings. Making this a great functional strength and total body stability exercises. 

MoveStrong designed a complete suspension trainer tool that allows for various Handle grips. The two anchored adjustable straps and standard handles with oversized cradle, shown in this video, allow for more range of motion and ease of adjusting cradles at different positions on feet and legs. 

Rope Pull Variations for Functional Strength Training and Conditioning

MoveStrong's wall mount training Rope Ladder is great for various functional fitness and strength training exercises. The Rope Ladder is also an available training feature for the Nova FTS models. Great grip, core, back, and arm strength training along with conditioning work using battle ropes of different sizes. 

Use with a parter to alternate back and forth with rope pull variations like these shown:

  • Low pull
  • Lateral side pull
  • Side pull high to low
  • Side Pull low to high

Shop the MoveStrong Wall Mount Rope Ladder and other training tools at

Interval Strength Training Circuit Workout On Club FTS

Here is an awesome interval circuit workout using the MoveStrong Club Functional Training Station provided by Active Edge Wellness

// New Exercise Alert 🚨//
Try incorporating this jungle gym circuit into your next workout!
πŸ”ΉBattle Rope Slams X10
πŸ”ΉPull-up Hops X2 (or pull-ups)
πŸ”ΉLunge Jumps w/ Landmine Press X10
-Repeat 2-3 times
Feel the burn! πŸ”₯ 
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5 Parallel Bar Exercises For Upper body and Core Strength

The MoveStrong Elite Adjustable Parallel Bars are a great functional training tool for upper body strength and core fitness exercises. Here are 5 exercises for Parallel bars that incorporate holds, L-sits, and knee-up variations. Just a few of the many movements that can be done for bodyweight workouts. 

1- L-sit to press
2- L-sit holds
3- Knee-ups
4- Alternate knee-ups
5- Pendulum swings

The adjustability of the parallel bars allow for different height bar settings and allow unlimited amount of functional training strength, mobility, calisthenics, and core exercises.

Functional Strength Circuit Power and Strength Posterior Chain

Functional strength training trio of exercises to perform in a circuit style workout to develop strength and power in the posterior chain of the body. Emphasis on hip and hamstrings.

1- Ground-to-Overhead using Ground Rotational Trainer with GRT Handle

2- Nordic Ham Curls, perform on stall bars, lower slow as possible and press up back to start

3- Lying Elevate Trainer Ham Curls Perform 8-12 reps each with 30-60sec rest between exercises.

Creating Balance and Agility Floor Obstacle Courses

Using the MoveStrong GEO Floor Obstacles to create different challenge courses to focus on movement skills, balance, agility, crawling, and stability. 

The different GEO shaped obstacles can be configured in different size and shape courses using the Link connectors. A great addition to a workout that emphasizes movement skills we often neglect! Especially as we age and start to be more challenged with everyday balance needs for life activities and sports!


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5 Ground Rotational Trainer exercises using the GRT handle

The Ground Rotational Handle by MoveStrong allows for use with the GRT feature, a.k.a. Landmine, on the Functional Training Station gym racks. Using an Olympic bar and desired weight the handle slips over bar end and tightens. The handles rotate independently allowing for ease of transition from ground to overhead, comfort, and more efficient movement in performing functional strength exercises.

Video below shows a few of the exercises that can be performed wit the GRT Handle

  • Ground to overhead with Squat
  • Reverse Lunge to press
  • Side-to-side rotation
  • Over head squat
  • Push jerk

Learn more about MoveStrong GRT Handle at

Alternate Arm Hangs For Shoulder Health, Strength, and Stability

Practicing some alternate active shoulder hangs on the pull-up bar. Great for grip, wrist, and forearm strength but mainly focusing on creating strength and stability in the shoulder joint for healthy shoulders and help reduce risk of shoulder injuries when performing other dynamic bodyweight exercises that can be hard on the shoulders. Give these a try and you'll soon find out which is your weaker and tighter side. Slow and controlled maintaining active shoulders, scapula down and back, as you alternate side to side grasping the pull-up bar. 

Performed on the MoveStrong pull-up bracket system with the Z-bar

Parkour and Calisthenics exercise Lache on the Salmon Ladder

Additional training features designed specifically for the MoveStrong Salmon Ladder. Swing and bound across from bar to bar. Lache is a parkour and calisthenics move that requires swinging and bounding across bars in mid air. Ideal move to practice on the MoveStrong Salmon ladder.

Learn more about our functional fitness and ninja warrior training equipment at

Grip strength core and pull-up exercises with the Cobra Rope Grips

You are only as strong as your weakest link! So often our grip fails first in training, sports, and in task performed outside the gym. Incorporate more grip strength in performing exercises like hanging holds and pull-ups with larger diameter or odd shaped objects . This video shows some variations using the MoveStrong Cobra Grips to perform various exercises that emphasize grip strength while performing core and pull-ups variations. Progress in the exercises you are capable of by performing more reps and/or more hanging hold times. 

Exercise progressions in the video are while grasping the Cobra Grips:

  • Single knee-up
  • Double knee-up with hold
  • Knee-up to L-sit
  • Jumping pull-up
  • Pull-up
  • L-Sit Pull-up
Elevate Trainer Suspension core shoulder strength and stability exercise

Using the MoveStrong Elevate Trainer and suspension bar attachment to perform a very challenging Bodyweight exercise that emphasizes core and shoulder strength. Great total body stability movement that engages the entire body. 

The exercise shown, Push-up with overhead reach, should only be attempted by individuals with strong shoulders and core strength. Regress the exercise by widening foot placement, reduce angle of body, and shorten range of motion in movement during exercise.

Learn more about the Elevate Trainer for suspension workouts and more functional fitness training equipment at

Horizontal rope climb exercises

What a fun great way to build usable bodyweight strength, stability, and balance by practicing various climbs and pulls on a horizontal suspended rope. With a lot of upper body strength, the lower body does come into play to balance and stabilize yourself while scaling across the rope. Mimic obstacle course challenges by scaling above or below the ropes. Adds new dimension to pull-ups, hangs, and holds with the grip strength and skills needed to stabilize the rope while performing an exercise. Give the exercises a try with the horizontal climbing rope:

  • Horizontal climb under rope with feet
  • Hand over hand climb without feet
  • Horizontal climb on top of rope
  • Under rope lateral climb with hands
  • Under rope lateral climb with legs and hands
  • Pull-ups
  • Muscle-ups
  • Hanging holds


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