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Indoor Training

MoveStrong provides the tools that all wellness professionals need to get others involved in fun, results-oriented fitness. We believe that this style of exercise is crucial for creating a lifelong commitment to living a healthier life.


Functional Training Station (FTS), YOUR WAY

Our high-quality American made FTS models range from 1-2 users to group classes that accommodate 20+ users and can be customized to meet your needs. Let us help you choose the FTS that is right for your needs. 

the nova


Create a truly unique functional fitness training system for users of all ages and facilities of all types and budgets. Ideal for group workouts with coaches and trainers, or just to provide exercisers with the most up to date functional training tools available.


Nova XL Arch Bridge

The new MoveStrong Nova XL Arch Bridge was designed at the request for more open space under a multi-height suspended bridge. The Patent Pending Nova XL is ideal for those facilities with the floor space to provide countless amount of functional fitness exercises with a focus on more overhead modalities for suspending fitness tools such as Climbing ropes, rings, grip training tools, Aerial Yoga hammocks and Silks, suspension trainers, boxing/MMA heavy bags, and more.


The NOVA 3-8

As with all MoveStrong FTS, the NOVA™ is highly customizable with many shapes, features, and options. Patent Pending design sure to meet your facility needs big or small.  

The new NOVA™ has many new training options for customization, including Free Slide Anchors™, Vertical Rope Anchors, built in Kick Plate, Anchor Rope Ladder, a challenging Arched Monkey Bar Bridge, built in storage for medicine balls, kettelbells, dumbbells and more. 


The Nova Wall Mount

Wall mounted bridge available for proper supported wall structures. Configure length desired with the modular bridge design.

Save floor space with this cantilever design allowing usage under bridge with many functional fitness training options. Makes a great space saver for overhead anchoring tools like Suspension Trainers, MMA/Boxing/Kickboxing, and Calisthenics workouts.

FightStrong Single Functional Training Column

Single or modular to connect additional stands together with pull-up bar options. Included storage hooks and anchor points for fitness tools such as resistance bands. Add additional functional fitness features such as Dip, Ground Rotational trainer, Battle rope anchors, and more. Choose color options. See below for dimensions.

classic fts models


The Club & The Quad FTS

These full-size customizable models are ideal for group functional training workouts in a class setting, or just to provide your clients with safe equipment to perform traditional bodyweight training mixed with the latest in functional strength training exercises. Accommodates 10-20+ participants at one time.

The Studio & The Wall Mount FTS

The Studio FTS Model is designed to be a compact all-in-one station to perform bodyweight, functional strength, and classic barbell exercises. The Studio FTS is ideal for the smaller fitness center, studio, home, or athletic facility that is limited on space yet still great for a trainer or coach to work with 4-6 clients simultaneously in a small group setting.

The Wall Mounted FTS Model is a great way to provide a space efficient area to perform bodyweight and functional strength exercises. It anchors into a solid wall support structure leaving the floor space available to perform the exercises desired.


Foundations FTS

The MoveStrong Foundations FTS provides the fundamentals needed for calisthenics and strength training. Quality and distinct design is found in the simplicity of our Foundation FTS model. Its versatility in size and configurations make it ideal for any size space and budget in creating a functional fitness environment for any indoor fitness facility, school, military, or home garage workout setting.